Who Are We

Since 1994, the Güleç family has been giving service on fruit and vegetable industry. Alanatura Food and Güleç Food companies are two sister companies belongs to Güleç family and Alanatura is active in export marketing. Being established by 3rd Generation in Alaşehir-Manisa, Alanatura has taken the knowledge and experiences of previous generations and has applied them to today's conditions. So it take place in this sector.

Our company is specialized in cherry, grape and pomegranate and has sufficient knowledge an experience in other fruits and vegetables.

Our Visions
To provide the customers expectations for fresh and high quality products, adequate to the word wide standarts.
In this way, to maintain its existence as a company that has made the principle of being trustworthy.

Our Missions
To bring together the customers with fresh and traceable high quality products that suits national and international standards.